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The Neighborhood Fund was born out of our neighbors' generous offers to help pay for others' groceries during the stay-at-home order. We are now carrying it on to make sure our baked goods and grocery options remain accessible for all.


Funds raised here do a few things: subsidizes our neighborhood and senior discounts, replaces the giving portion of the Pie-it-Forward initiative, and most recently, funds the start of a community fridge and freezer for the West Village and Islandview neighborhoods. Through a partnership with The Detroit Community Fridge, Planted Detroit, and Black Bottom Businesses, LLC, we have been able to use the Neighborhood fund to purchase a fridge and freezer, as well as pay for professional electrical work for the location. The Neighborhood Fund is also used to subsidize regular food donations to the fridge.


To make a donation, click the photo to the left. Donation amounts start at $5.00


We appreciate your support!


We have been fortunate enough to contribute to and work with some incredible local organizations since Sister Pie first opened. We receive many donation requests throughout the year, and in 2017 we decided to partner with just one organization in Detroit for the entire calendar year in an attempt to make the most significant impact possible. This model has allowed us to focus our giving efforts in a much more substantial way, both financially and with building awareness for the partner organization.

Some ways in which we have supported our partner organizations are:

  • Sister Pie merchandise donations for silent auction events

  • Hands-on baking workshops

  • Mentorship programs

  • Custom cookie collaboration, with all profits going directly to the organization

  • Food donations for various events and fundraisers

  • Annual Holiday Cookie Swap Fundraiser, with 100% of ticket sales going directly to the organization

Click below to read all about our current and past partnerships.


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2020 - 2021




We set out to create a people-first business.


Sister Pie doesn't survive or have purpose without people, whether it's our employees, our customers, or our neighbors. This starts right at our little place in the world, at the corner of Parker and Kercheval in Detroit's historic West Village neighborhood. We chose to open our business in Detroit so we could be surrounded by folks working with triple-bottom-line missions and a commitment to thoughtful, community-minded growth. We strive for servant leadership within Sister Pie, meaning those in management positions work to set clear expectations and a supportive environment for employees. Similarly, we aim to provide our neighbors with a business that is for them, more than anyone else.

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