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Detroit Food Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that works with local educators, chefs, and business owners to inspire young Detroiters (ages 13-24) through self-directed entrepreneurial experiences rooted in food -- experiences which open doors, create connections, and spark confidence. From cooking delicious healthy meals for friends and family to facilitating complex conversations with community to developing artisan food projects from scratch to market, students learn by transforming their ideas into reality. Through this process, they grow as holistic leaders who are healthy, connected, and powerful to affect change within and beyond the local food system.

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This idea was born out of our first conversations when we were just beginning our year-long partnership. We needed a creative way to fundraise, and a giant cookie was the answer. During our workshops with the students, we brainstormed flavor ideas for a cookie to sell in the shop. The students voted and so was born PISTACHIO + THE CHIPS: a larger than life cookie with pistachios, potato chips, and white chocolate.

The students came up with the name - a nod to Motown singing groups - and we designed the stickers.

With 80% of all sales going directly back to Detroit Food Academy

we raised


for their programing!

Special thanks to Germack Pistachio Company and Detroit Friends Potato Chips for their donations of pistachios and potato chips.


We had so much fun working with the DFA students at various baking workshops. From making pie dough together to assembling rhubarb mini pies, we enjoyed sharing our passion with these young culinary talents!



This was Sister Pie's fourth year participating in DFA's Student

Mentee Program. Thank you Tatianna for a great summer!

We host a student mentee (between ages 14-17) over a 6-week

period during the summer and show them what it's like to work in the Sister Pie kitchen. This is an opportunity for the student to have a meaningful work experience that gives them a chance to explore

culinary and/or food businesses and grow their skills.

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Each December, Sister Pie hosts a Holiday Cookie Swap Fundraiser (open to the public) where participants purchase a ticket and get to baking 3 dozen cookies of their choosing. At the swap, we have snacks and drinks, holiday music, and everyone goes home with 3 dozen cookies. This year, all of our proceeds from ticket sales went directly to DFA. We raised




for their programing!

Thank you to Trinosophes for hosting us!

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