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We use all-natural, whole food ingredients in all of our baked goods.


Each pie crust is hand-made with high-fat European-style butter and unbleached, all-purpose flour. Every pie’s filling is crafted at the peak of Michigan’s growing season, from apricots and blueberries in July to cranberries and apples in November. We do our best to source all of our products locally when possible - from dairy to flour to vegetables and fruit. Below you can find some of our local farmers and suppliers.

Because of our commitment to our seasonal ingredients, you'll never find a cherry pie in December or an apple pie in March at Sister Pie. We love the creative challenge of coming up with new flavors to highlight what Michigan has to offer in every season.


At Sister Pie, we keep our kitchen very clean and do our best to consider allergies and dietary restrictions when we clean our containers, utensils, and all other surfaces. However, as a shared equipment kitchen, we cannot guarantee that there will not be any kind of cross contamination. In the spirit of transparency, we share this with you for your safety and for the safety of all of our guests.

While we do have some menu items that are naturally nut-free, gluten-free, and vegan (based on ingredients), we also recognize that those items are not certified as allergen-free. Here is a list of some common allergens that are present in our kitchen:

  • Nuts and seeds: Including tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, and others

  • Dairy and eggs

  • Wheat

  • Corn

  • Coconut

  • Soy: Trace amounts of soy are found in our cooking spray and chocolate chips

Two hands, palms up, arranged to resemble the shape of the upper and lower pennisulas of Michigan. A perfectly baked, golden brown minted pea and potato hand pie is in the palm of the hand resembling the lower penninsula.
Norman Holtz, of Holtz Farms, is smiling and holding a crate of blackberries

We proudly work with local farmers and suppliers across our region of

Michigan. The list includes, but is not limited to:

The Apple Man (South Haven, MI)

Beaverland Farms (Detroit, MI)

Bielat Greenhouses and Farm (Richmond, MI)

Cherry Capital Foods (Traverse City, MI)


Clark Farms (Eagle, MI)


Coriander Farm (Detroit, MI)


D-Town Farms (Detroit, MI)

Ellis Island Tea (Detroit, MI)

Fluffy Bottom Farms (Chelsea, MI)


Fusilier Family Farms (Manchester, MI)


Grazing Fields (Charlotte, MI)


Greensafe Products (Detroit, MI)

Grow Eastern Market (Detroit, MI)

Guernsey Farms Dairy (Northville, MI)

Hampshire Farms (Kingston, MI)


Holtz Farms (Ida, MI)

Hyperion Coffee (Ypsilanti, MI)


Keep Growing Detroit (Detroit, MI)

Laser Rays Detroit (Detroit, MI)

Michigan Farm to Freezer (Detroit, MI)

Midtown Composting (Detroit, MI)

Nelson Maple (Imlay City, MI)

Neu Kombucha (Ferndale, MI)


N.W. Kaltz & Sons Farms (Columbus, MI)

Ocelot Printing (Detroit, MI)

Populace Coffee (Bay City, MI)


R. Hirt Jr. Company (Detroit, MI)


Spicer Orchards (Fenton, MI)

Walton's Plants (Detroit, MI)

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