• All food is available for PICK-UP ONLY at our shop. We do not ship any food products. Please enter your billing address as your shipping address.


  • You can pick up your order on your selected date anytime between 10am-3pm Monday-Saturday and 11am-1pm Sunday.

  • If you have a pre-order and don’t plan on buying anything else, find a red heart on the Parker side of the building to stand on. Someone will come out, ask for the first and last name on the order (please check your confirmation email), and bring it outside for a no-contact pick up.

  • If you are here for sidewalk sales, find a black heart on the Kercheval side of the building to stand on. When it's your turn, someone will take your order. You'll pay with, then stand on a red heart to wait for your order. Please note, there are no sidewalk sales on Sundays.

“How do I apply a neighborhood/senior

discount to my order?”

If you live within our greater neighborhood and/or are a senior citizen, or are simply needing some financial

support to pay for your order,  we honor your patronage with a 25% discount on your entire purchase

(brought to you by our Neighborhood Fund).


When you check-out, type NEIGHBOR into the

promo-code prompt underneath you cart.

Please note: The neighborhood/senior discount may only be applied towards the purchase of baked goods/grocery items.

Consider making a donation to our

Neighborhood Fund.

We make all of our pre-ordered​ baked good​ items to order, and they are set aside for customer pick-up during our open hours. Any items not picked up by close the following day will be ​donated or ​discarded and no refunds will be given.

For example, a pie ordered for Tuesday that is not picked up between

10am-3pm, will only be available until Wednesday at 3pm before it is donated or discarded.


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