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  • All food is available for PICK-UP ONLY at our shop. We do not ship any food products. Please enter your billing address as your shipping address.


  • You can pick up your order on your selected date anytime between 10am - 3pm Monday - Saturday. 

  • Please note, if you arrive prior to 10am Monday - Saturday, we cannot guarantee that your pre-order will be ready. 

"How do I apply the neighborhood/senior discount to my order?"

If you live within our greater neighborhood and/or are a senior citizen, or are simply needing some financial assistance with an order, we honor your patronage with a 15% discount on your entire purchase (brought to you by our Neighborhood Fund). 

When you check out, type NEIGHBOR into the
promo code prompt underneath your cart.

Please note: The neighborhood/senior discount may only be applied towards the purchase of baked good items.

Please consider making a donation to our
Neighborhood Fund.

We make all of our pre-ordered​ baked good​ items to order, and they are set aside for customer pick-up during our open hours. Any items not picked up by close the following day will be ​donated or ​discarded and no refunds will be given.

For example, a pie ordered for Tuesday that is not picked up between 
10am-3pm, will only be available until Wednesday at 3pm before it is donated or discarded.


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