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9" Malted Lime Pie

9" Malted Lime Pie

This isn’t your regular ol’ key lime pie, and let me tell you all about why: we don’t use key limes, we do add malted milk powder, and instead of a graham cracker crust we pour the filling into our flaky, all-butter crust and top the pie with a malty, graham-y crunch. It’s creamy, refreshing, and perfect with a big dollop of whip.


This pie must be refrigerated upon receiving!

  • Payment

    At this time, online pre-orders can only be paid for by credit card.


    Gift cards cannot be redeemed on the website. If you'd like to use your gift card, feel free to place your order and then request a refund by emailing with your order confirmation number. Gift cards can also be redeemed at the bakery Monday-Friday 8am-3pm and Saturday 10am-3pm.

  • Pre-order Policy

    Pre-orders must be placed at least ONE DAY in advance of the desired pick-up date.


    If a date is not available to select as an option, it means it has sold out for that day.

  • Pie Care

    Please see our Pie Care + Storage page for some basic instructions for taking care of your pie after you leave our shop.

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