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All photography © E.E. Berger

9" Buttermilk Pumpkin Streusel - Thanksgiving

Here at Sister Pie, we’ve decided that our pumpkin pies should tread the line of being both traditional and new. If you’ve chosen to bear the line down the block at 6am on a cold November morning, you’re doing it because you want interesting, delicious, and, yes, crowd-pleasing pie. This Buttermilk Pumpkin Streusel achieves just that. A slightly tangy, super creamy pumpkin filling is baked in our all-butter pie shell and then topped with buckwheat streusel for a perfect butter crunch.

  • Once ordered, pre-orders cannot be changed to an earlier pick-up date or time.

    **PLEASE NOTE: All pre-orders must be picked up by Thursday 11/28 at 8:00am. No refunds will be given for orders not picked up by this time, and all leftover orders will be donated.**